Mobile browser touch gestures

Add touch gestures to mobile browsers. For example, ↓↑: go to the top, ↑↓: go to the bottom, →←: go back, ←→: go forward, →↓: closes the tab, →↑: restores just closed page, etc. There are more functions such as text gestures, picture gestures and video gestures. You can also customize your gestures. Recommend using Kiwi browser, Yandex browser and Lemur Browser.

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sl99 cj 2023-10-04
Last: L.XavierAuthor 2023-10-04
Good 大佬勤勉!!
Aaren 2023-08-13
Last: L.XavierAuthor 2023-08-17
Good 手机kiwi试用中,感谢大大

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