Mobile browser touch gestures

Add touch gestures to your mobile browser, ready to use and no configuration required. In addition to general gestures, there are also special gestures for text, images, and videos. Do you still think it's not enough? Support adding personalized gestures that belong to you. We recommend using Kiwi browser, Yandex browser, and Lemur browser.

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素颜也很美 2023-12-17
Last: L.XavierAuthor 2023-12-17
Good 怎么关闭全部窗口
sl99 cj 2023-10-04
Last: L.XavierAuthor 2023-10-04
Good 大佬勤勉!!
Aaren 2023-08-13
Last: L.XavierAuthor 2023-08-17
Good 手机kiwi试用中,感谢大大

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