Simple HTML5 video player

Replaces any default HTML5 player with custom controls

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v8 2022-06-15

    UPDATE 15.6.2022:
    Attempt to fix scaling issues by keeping original classes for video object.

  • v7 2022-02-15

    Fixed some CSS issues with fullscreen/fullpage wrapper

  • v6 2021-04-11
  • v5.0 2020-04-24 Impove ui and support for streams.
  • v4.6 2020-04-24 Custom ui mode support for livestreams (not used by default).
  • v4.5 2020-04-23 Improvements to ui hover on volume change and mouse move.
  • v4.4 2020-04-23 Some fixes to absolute vs relative video.
  • v4.3 2020-02-01 Fix issue on twitch.
  • v4.2 2019-06-18 Fixed some size desync with wrapper and video.
  • v4.1 2019-06-06 Improved player replacement.
  • v4.0 2019-06-02 Changed UI controls scaling to be dynamic (if timestamp grows, seekbar shrinks, etc). Changed font to monospace one. Changed so that on volume scrolling it prevents other scrolling.
  • v3.3 2019-06-02
  • v3.2 2018-11-27 Added volume control by scrolling mouse up/down on video.
  • v3.1 2018-11-27 Small hotfix to UI autohide functionality.
  • v3.0 2018-11-27 Added filename label on top and automatic audiomode. (When theres no image source)
  • v2.60 2018-11-17 Fixed some fullscreen issues with webkit, added doubleclick->fullscreen and back, added mouseover controls visibility with timeout.
  • v2.50 2018-11-03 Improved volumebar updating.
  • v2.41 2018-10-25 Quickfix to volume slider not having background color on first load.
  • v2.40 2018-10-25 Fixed range colors that i accidently broke. (whoops)
  • v2.30 2018-10-24 Small scaling fix and added support for my other script (Stream grabber).
  • v2.25 2018-10-24 Small hotfix to fullscreen controls fading.
  • v2.2 2018-10-24 Fixed fullscreen (after accidently breaking it) and altered controls fade behaviour in fullscreen.
  • v2.1 2018-10-24 Seekbar background color now shows buffering progress.
  • v2.0 2018-10-24 Changed all colors to variables, changed all inline styling to css styling, added progressbar/background color for seekbar and volume bar.
  • v1.81 2018-10-22 Fixed fullpage height overflow bug and added failsafe for not triggering wrapping function multiple times.
  • v1.75 2018-10-22 Fixed fullscreen and fullpage view. Also removed download button (you can just right click and save-as...)
  • v1.7 2018-10-22 Added fullscreen support.
  • v1.6 2018-10-22 Fixes to pages with multiple videos.
  • v1.5 2018-10-22 Fixes to behaviour during video seeking (fixes to unwanted pausing and unpausing).
  • v1.3 2018-10-22 Made seekbar and volumebar easier to click and removed debug background color.
  • v1.2 2018-10-22 Added fading of control bar.
  • v1.1 2018-10-22 Defaulted volume to 50% for first time, load volume from localstorage on every other load. (Volume levels are preserved)
  • v1.0 2018-10-22