Google select text translator

Translate any selected text into the language you wants with google translator

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  • v4.32 2021-07-31

    According to iG0R's suggestion. Change the client=t to client=gtx. This makes the google translate more accurate on normal mode. iG0R, thanks for your suggestion.

  • v4.31 2021-05-29

    Change the realtime translation to a more friendly way. Also fixed some bugs.

  • v4.30 2021-04-18

    Added howling animals perception feature(添加兽音感知功能,能够翻译兽音加密文本,也可通过搜索窗口的附带功能,生成兽音加密文本。)

  • v4.10 2021-01-14 Fix a bug that the google token cannot be obtained correctly.
  • v4.03 2019-11-05 Fixed a minor bug.
  • v4.02 2019-11-01 Fixed a minor bug.
  • v4.01 2019-11-01 Fixed a minor bug.
  • v4.00 2019-11-01 Bug fixes.
  • v3.99 2019-10-25 Fixed a minor bug.
  • v3.98 2019-10-25 Integrated tencent translator into accurate mode.(集成腾讯翻译君到精准模式中)
  • v3.92 2019-10-24 Fixed a bug that .cn user cannot load the translator normally.
  • v3.91 2019-10-24 Fixed a minor bug.
  • v3.90 2019-10-24 Added an accurate translation mode for sentence(添加长句精确翻译模式).
  • v3.81 2019-10-20 Bug fixes.
  • v3.80 2019-10-19 Add an option to remove some websites restriction for text selecting.
  • v3.76 2019-10-19 Bug fixes.
  • v3.75 2019-10-19 Add a switch contains two modes that you can translate selected text when you click the translation icon or use real-time translation. (添加实时翻译和点击图标翻译两种模式)
  • v3.64 2019-09-10 Bug fixed.
  • v3.63 2019-09-07 Bug fix.
  • v3.62 2019-08-31 Fixed a bug that the word history won't work properly .
  • v3.61 2019-08-30 Now, the translator dialog will disappear when you click on the empty place of the screen.
  • v3.6 2019-08-23 Added an option for simplified or detailed mode.
  • v3.5 2019-08-20 Added Ukrainian language support. Bug fixed. More others improved.
  • v3.2 2019-08-19 Improve language translation details. Fixed popup position bugs. You can drag the toolbar on top of tool tip to moving it now.
  • v3.01 2019-08-19 Fixed a Chinese-chinese translation bug.
  • v3.0 2019-08-18 Full UI upgrade. Some bugs fixed. Added support for result copy and translate.
  • v2.3 2019-06-06 Update zdict.
  • v2.1 2018-12-02 Fixed the error while fetching google token key.
  • v2.0 2018-01-24 Add single word pronounce support, and a lingoes API server support, and youdao translator support, also improved single Chinese word translation (添加了单词发音支持,灵格斯API服务器调用,有道翻译引擎支持,加强中文翻译中文时,调用汉典详解的支持,使中文解释更详细).
  • v1.5 2018-01-10 Add a quick search bar toggled by hot key. (增加一个快速查询功能,可以通过热键调出,手动输入想要查询的单词或句子进行查询。)
  • v1.3 2018-01-04 Fix translation failure when the text contains "&" and "+".(修复包含符号&和+时,翻译失败的错误。)
  • v1.2 2018-01-03 Improve single word translate meanings. Add a source language selection.(改进单词的解释,增加源语言选择。)
  • v1.0 2017-12-29 change the namespace
  • v0.9 2017-12-29