css highlighter

Formats and highlights CSS code shown after [Show CSS] clicking. (works with the new layout).

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2018.2.27 2020-06-25 (all scripts) Added @supportURL pointing to the GitHub repo (thanks to Jason Barnabe for the suggestion)
  • v2018.2.27 2018-05-20 (All scripts) Rearranged the metadata block
  • v2018.2.27 2018-02-27 Changed the values values of a few @require keys(all for to point to non version specific URLs
  • v2017.12.15 2017-12-16 Minor changes
  • v2017.16.11 2017-11-17 Greasemonkey 4.0 compatibility
  • v2017.10.21 2017-11-12 Added '@licence MIT' (required by OUJS, in order to allow import and autoupdate of scripts from GitHub)
  • v2017.10.21 2017-11-05 ( css highlighter) Updated description.
  • v2017.10.21 2017-11-05 Imported from URL
  • v2017.10.21 2017-10-23
  • v2017.10.21 2017-10-21 Properly indented the code, fixed eslint issues
  • v2017.10.20.2 2017-10-20 Fixed "Show CSS code" collapse not working.
  • v2017.10.20.1 2017-10-20 More CSS styling for the '#stylish-code' element
  • v2017.10.20 2017-10-20 Fix for the element '#stylish-code' element (that contains the CSS) not to move to the left. Also, converted the values that contain CSS as template literals (backticks instead of espacing each line)
  • v17.10.19 2017-10-19