KAT [katcr.co] - Default values for Uploads

Lets you set up defaults in the upload section of KAT (custom default description for every category)

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  • v1.4 2018-08-23 Added options to save: Trailer, Language, Format, Resolution and Codec. Added option to save imdb codes under custom names in a dropdown, just like custom descriptions.
  • v1.3 2018-08-23 Added option to save custom descriptions independent of categories. Added option to set custom page width (default 75%). Added option to set the description box height (default 13 rows).
  • v1.2 2018-08-20 Small styling updates. Made it so on category change when it doesn't have it's own description, the global default will be used.
  • v1.1 2018-08-20 Updated for new upload pages. Everything can be done from the pages now. No need to edit the script to change values anymore.
  • v1 2017-04-29