Youtube HD

Select a youtube resolution and resize the player.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2022.02.27 2022-02-28

    Fix issue with high framerate

  • v2022.01.09 2022-01-09

    Fixed some reported exceptions. These didn't affect script functionality at all.

  • v2021.08.07 2021-08-07

    Fix potential issue with high framerate setting

  • v2021.06.16 2021-06-16

    Add ability to set separate resolution for 60 fps video

  • v2021.01.02 2021-01-02 Remove support for old version of youtube, since it seems to unfortunately be gone. Use @match instead of @include.
  • v2020.09.26 2020-09-26 Just a whitespace change
  • v2020.09.26 2020-09-26 Fix potential script breakage from youtube's theater mode change function throwing exceptions.
  • v2020.09.24 2020-09-25 Added workaround for videos flagged as inappropriate not showing sign in button
  • v2020.07.19 2020-07-19 Resize max player height with window resize
  • v2020.02.18 2020-02-18 Fix issue where fullscreening doesn't work correctly with changePlayerSize, flushbuffer now defaults to true
  • v2019.08.27 2019-08-27
  • v2019.08.27 2019-08-27 Fix resolution not being set, and added new option
  • v2019.08.21 2019-08-21 Potentially fix issue where videos don't load with new layout
  • v2018.08.13 2018-08-13 Player size fix for new layout
  • v2018.07.28 2018-07-29 Theater mode fix for new layout
  • v2018.04.25 2018-04-25 Minor fixes
  • v2018.03.30 2018-03-30 Quick fix for youtube change breaking script when manually setting a resolution
  • v2017.12.09 2017-12-09 Fixed resolution set due to API issue
  • v2017.11.18 2017-11-18 Greasemonkey 4 fixes
  • v2017.08.05 2017-08-05
  • v2017.08.03 2017-08-03 Now compatible with upcoming layout change on YouTube
  • v2017.05.19 2017-05-19
  • v2017.05.09 2017-05-09 Fixes, auto theater feature should be problem free now
  • v2017.05.06 2017-05-06 Fixed issue with Firefox 52+, added auto theater mode option.
  • v2017.04.02 2017-04-03 Fix playlist height issue, set resolution on, various minor improvements
  • v2017.03.23 2017-03-23 Bug fixes, faster, unofficial support for hd on embeded videos
  • v2017.01.01 2017-01-01 Various Minor Improvements
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-07 Metadata change
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-03
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-02