Integrates BugMeNot into any login form (it retrieves all matching logins from bugmenot.com and autofills the login form)

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  • v2017.12.15 2020-08-25 Minor edits in metadata
  • v2017.12.15 2020-06-25 (all scripts) Added @supportURL pointing to the GitHub repo (thanks to Jason Barnabe for the suggestion)
  • v2017.12.15 2018-05-20 (All scripts) Rearranged the metadata block
  • v2017.12.15 2017-12-16 Minor changes
  • v2017.11.18 2017-11-18 Greasemonkey 4.0 compatibility, (Greasemonkey 4.0 compatibility)
  • v2017.06.09 2017-11-12 Added '@licence MIT' (required by OUJS, in order to allow import and autoupdate of scripts from GitHub)
  • v2017.06.09 2017-06-11 Fix 'GM_getValue('lastURL') is undefined' error Occurs on first use and renders the userscript useless, because execution never gets past this expression. Therefore lastURL remains undefined and the story repeats. Experienced this issue using Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension., Merge pull request #3 from Georgeto/bugmenot-1 Merged. Thank you for your contribution, @Georgeto.
  • v2016.10.27 2016-10-27 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Now if there are no other logins left to try, it will display "No other logins" (instead of "try next login"). Also, increased the delay between a field losing focus and checking to see if any other of our fields has focus (from 150 to 250).
  • v2016.09.17.1 2016-09-17 Imported from URL
  • v2016.09.17.1 2016-09-17 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Improved the formatting of logging of found/stored logins
  • v2016.09.17 2016-09-17 Synced from GitHub - Converted all scripts encoding from UTF-8 back to UTF-8 BOM (i.e. with the same encoding that Greasemonkey installs them in)
  • v2016.09.17 2016-09-17 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Improve the way the found + saved logins are displayed in Web Console. Also reverted my changes in hideIfNoFocus()
  • v2016.09.16 2016-09-16 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Improved the wording of the script description
  • v2016.09.16 2016-09-16
  • v2016.09.16 2016-09-16 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Added an entry to 'Reset login attempt counter' (visible from the 2nd login attempt and on) Also, now, the found (and the saved/retrieved) logins can be viewed in Web Console
  • v2016.09.15.1 2016-09-15 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Workaround for when the Username textbox has focus by default on page load
  • v2016.09.15 2016-09-15 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Now covering another case: when the Username <input> element has type="email" (not only type="text"). Also, changed to '@run-at document-idle'
  • v2016.09.13.1 2016-09-14 Synced from GitHub - Description
  • v2016.09.13.1 2016-09-13 Synced from GitHub - Fixed the tooltip when trying next logins
  • v2016.09.13.1 2016-09-13 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) The prompt for next login attempts will now be 'Try next login' (instead of 'Get login')
  • v2016.09.13 2016-09-13 Synced from GitHub - (BugMeNot) Now it retrieves all possible logins from bugmenot.com, shows their count, and you can try each one on every clicking of 'Get login from BugMeNot' - (BugMeNot) Added a check: If the current domain name doesn't match the stored lastURL, then reset the counter. Also made the options a bit wider (to include the login counter)
  • v2016.09.12 2016-09-12 Synced from GitHub - Formatting
  • v2016.09.12 2016-09-12 Imported from URL