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  • v20210612.0 2021-06-12

    Updated code for Yandex (initial implementation of procedural hiding were wrong) and some adjustments for gardener function.

  • v20210611.0 2021-06-11

    Updated code for Yandex News and Sport.

  • v20210608.0 2021-06-08

    Moved Ya.share2 stub to code specific for No reason to break social buttons for everyone.

  • v20210601.0 2021-06-01

    Updated code for

  • v20210529.2 2021-05-29

    Updated code for

  • v20210529.1 2021-05-29

    Updated code for 4pda.

  • v20210529.0 2021-05-28

    Updated code for

  • v20210524.0 2021-05-24

    Ya.share2 stub for

  • v20210516.0 2021-05-16

    4pda changed domain.

  • v20210503.0 2021-05-03

    Restored wrapper for Anidub with fixes instead of stub since there are cases when stub can't help.

  • v20210502.0 2021-05-02

    Updated code for Anidub once more.

  • v20210430.1 2021-04-30

    Updated code for Anidub.

  • v20210430.0 2021-04-30

    Updated code for Yandex main page.

  • v20210424.0 2021-04-24

    Updated code for

  • v20210423.0 2021-04-22

    Updated code for

  • v20210330.3 2021-03-30

    A few minor changes to compat markers comments.

  • v20210330.3 2021-03-30

    Apparently, @compatible markers don't support languagues.

  • v20210330.3 2021-03-30

    Edge Chromium compatibility marker.

  • v20210330.3 2021-03-30

    Opera compatibility marker.

  • v20210330.3 2021-03-30

    Ah, yes, license...

  • v20210330.2 2021-03-29

    exportFunction apparently may crash given odd target (like Proxy?)

  • v20210330.1 2021-03-29

    Another FireMonkey compatibility fix.

  • v20210330.0 2021-03-29

    Initial FireMonkey compatibility pass. I doubt Options will work there as long as GM_getValue/GM_setValue are async, but at least script shouldn't break the most basic things anymore.

  • v20210329.0 2021-03-29

    Russian comments for compatibility tags.

  • v20210329.0 2021-03-29

    Added compatibility tags.

  • v20210327.1 2021-03-27

    Remove background color (from branding) on

  • v20210327.0 2021-03-27

    Updated rule for empty ad blocks on main Yandex page.

  • v20210324.2 2021-03-24

    Added instruction in script's Options for Tampermonkey users on how to disable new Tampermonkey's context menu feature.

  • v20210324.1 2021-03-24

    Detector @

  • v20210324.0 2021-03-24

    Debug detection on and

  • v20210323.0 2021-03-23

    Updated code for Yandex's main page. Additionally, exception for unsupported AdGuard in unsupported Yandex Browser. Why? -_-

  • v20210321.0 2021-03-21

    Updated code for Rambler (and their horoscopes in particular).

  • v20210320.0 2021-03-20

    Updated code for banner on Yandex main page to avoid hiding news below banner.

  • v20210319.2 2021-03-19

    Another update for banner on Yandex main page.

  • v20210319.1 2021-03-19

    Updated code for banner on Yandex main page.

  • v20210319.0 2021-03-18

    Updated code for banner on Yandex main page.

  • v20210318.2 2021-03-18

    Updated code for main yandex page. Apparently it may hide search string.

  • v20210318.1 2021-03-18

    Removed unused code for

  • v20210318.0 2021-03-18

    Updated code for Yandex. Another way to hide banner under search.

  • v20210315.0 2021-03-15

    Updated code for yandex news.

  • v20210314.1 2021-03-14

    Yandex direct on

  • v20210314.0 2021-03-14

    Removed special check in request blocker for

  • v20210312.0 2021-03-12

    Updated code for

  • v20210308.0 2021-03-08

    Detector on

  • v20210306.0 2021-03-05 Updated code for
  • v20210305.0 2021-03-05 Updated code for yandex/news.
  • v20210223.2 2021-02-23 Updated code for
  • v20210223.1 2021-02-23 Updated code for
  • v20210223.0 2021-02-23 Added to Rambler domains.
  • v20210216.0 2021-02-16 Added domain to Anidub list.

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