Local Image Viewer

View images in local directories. Can navigate, zoom, rotate.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v19 2016-08-02
  • v18 2016-06-24 img margin changed to '0 auto'
  • v17 2016-06-21 changed zoom to be based on screen width
  • v16 2016-05-21 added script info panel
  • v15 2016-05-20 small style changes, added reset form link
  • v14 2016-05-19 added image opacity, added image list panel
  • v13 2016-05-19 fixed jumpbox not working
  • v12 2016-05-18 replaces session storage with gm set/get value - this will make the settings being remembered even after the tab closes
  • v11 2016-05-14 made it so it remembers how the images were sorted
  • v10 2016-05-14 Added G key as shortcut to open the jump to image box
  • v9 2016-05-13 added jump to image box
  • v8 2016-05-12 added controles to rotate image
  • v7 2016-05-11 centered image on page, dark body bgcolor
  • v6 2016-05-11 0 key now toggles between original size and fit to screen size
  • v5 2016-05-11 Cleaned codes, added controls to resize image
  • v4 2016-05-09 used session storage instead of local storage
  • v3 2016-05-08 Fixed not working in Chrome
  • v2 2016-05-08 Improved folder/file detection method a little
  • v1 2016-05-08