Mark owned ScummVM/ResidualVM Games

A simple aid for collecting ScummVM and ResidualVM-supported games

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v6 2018-09-05 Support Greasemonkey 4, support ResidualVM's site, fix print stylesheet, factor out dependency on jQuery.
  • v5 2016-06-10 Add a print stylesheet so the collapsed view can be used as a "thrifting TODO list"
  • v4 2015-11-30 Fade entire row when owned, add a remembered toggle to completely hide owned games, and make the buttons look a bit nicer.
  • v3 2015-11-29 Whoops. Forgot to @match without the www.
  • v2 2015-11-28 Soften the corners on the buttons to make them look a bit less amateurish
  • v1 2015-11-28