YouTube Video Speed & Seek Mouse Control

Dynamically adjust video playback speed & seeking instantly with your mousewheel, no more need to go through player menus every time.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v4.0 2016-12-16 fixed seeking forward
  • v3.1 2016-08-08 repaired embed video functionality
  • v3.0 2016-08-07 correct initial speed rate display
  • v2.0 2015-11-22 now works with embedded videos on external sites outside of
  • v1.3 2015-09-15 improved display code
  • v1.2 2015-09-14 added icon
  • v1.1 2015-09-12
  • v1.1 2015-09-12 Added code so seeking works all the time now instead of only part of the time.
  • v1.0 2015-09-08