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After months of use it's suddenly starting to cause the tab to crash.

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
Somebody somewhere (Chrome update or Amazon fiddling with mTurk yet again) did something that seems to be causing Turk Master to have issues.

Chrome says Aw snap, ran out of memory on the tab where TM is running.

Turned off "Automatic tab discarding" in chrome://flags/ and the crashes stopped but after awhile memory from that tab alone bloated to over 4 gigs in Task Manager over the course of 20-30 minutes.

Closed the tab and all that memory was instantly freed up.

It's worked great for months but for some reason today it's done nothing but crash after a few minutes of running.


  • Just started having this same problem a few days ago after using Turk Master for many months with no memory problems.

    The moment any watchers are started, the memory use for the mTurk dashboard tab starts steadily climbing. No memory is given up until the tab is closed or crashes.

    I've tried working both with and without "Automatic tab discarding" -- I don't think that setting makes any difference.
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