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Pixiv Ugoira (WebM) Online Conversion Rules Added

About: [TS] Linx Amender
edited December 2015 in Script Discussions Firefox
Added Pixiv Ugoira conversion rules to [Linx Amender]([TS]_Linx_Amender). There are four rules, that allow you to download the Ugoira file in gif, webm, apng and xng. Each rules adds two buttons, one for conversion and download of preview size and one for full size.

Image below shows current online rules that are available.
165.jpg 411.2K


  • edited December 2015 Firefox

    Preview image of all four buttons added. You do not need to enable all buttons.

    • WebM generates a compact file with some loss. Well supported. (Recommended)
    • APNG large and support is OK.
    • XNG is SVG with base64 images. Not well supported.
    • GIF format limits the colours to 256, large and well supported. It is the worst out of the four in terms of quality of image.

    enter image description here

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