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About: Turkmaster (Mturk)
How can I add a watch for $3.00 surveys, like the watch for "Surveys $.075 and up". I saw someone had this on their page in a video and would like to add it to mine.



  • Just do a search with the keyword "survey" and set the filter that says "that pay at least" to 3 dollars. When the results show up, click the "Add this page" button and you're on your way!
  • Hey Don, when say search the keyword "survey", do you mean on the mturk search engine or through the Turk master settings? Also, where do you locate the settings that allow you to set the pay to at least $3 dollars? I thought we could only panda a hit in order to find those kinds of surveys. Thanks.
  • Oh sorry, I meant through mturk's search. You set the $3 next to "that pay at least". Adding a watcher for this page will not panda hits, but it'll let you see (and hopefully grab) new $3+ surveys as they come in.

    Also, make sure mturk is set to sort by "HIT Creation Date (newest first)".
  • Hey Don, is this feature only on the new Mturk site or also on the old? I only use the old and there doesnt seem to be a feature in the drop down box that allows you to find hits that pay a certain value, only most recent, most time allotted, recently add, etc.
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    Hey Lucio, hope you had a good holiday. This is on the old site in the search bar area. Here's an example (you have to click the pic to see the whole thing):
  • After doing the above, click "GO". Then you'll be able to click on the "Watch this page" button and Turkmaster will keep checking this search results page for changes.
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