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G-Chrome Bug Accessing Node (href) Property Value

edited October 2016 in Development Firefox
My deviantArt script (version 1.0.18) no longer works on G-Chrome. The bug is first raised here.

The error occurs at around line 203 and here is a copy of the section:
function GetNextPageURL(doc)
var next = (doc.querySelector("#gmi-DoubleResourceStream")) ? doc.querySelector(".folderview-art > .pagination-wrapper a.away") : doc.querySelector("#gallery_pager a.away");

if (next)
nextPageURL = next.href;
console.log("NEXTPAGE: " + nextPageURL);
return true;

pagerSwitch.value = -1;
//pagerSwitch.className = "smbutton smbutton-dead";
nextPageURL = null;
return false;

The issue arises when I try to set the nextPageURL to next.href. For some unknown reason I am unable to access next.href (node property) value. Looking at the first console.log output the next has a value but when I check the nextPageURL in the console.log it is empty.
        nextPageURL = next.href; //No longer works on Chrome
nextPageURL = next.getAttribute("href"); // Works fine
I found a way around it by using next.getAttribute("href") but the current issue will break a lot of scripts (mine and others).

Anyone know why this maybe occurring?
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