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Enable ChatGPT Mobile

Ενεργοποίηση της κινητής έκδοσης του ChatGPT σε προγράμματα περιήγησης επιφάνειας εργασίας

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Enable ChatGPT Mobile


The Enable ChatGPT Mobile userscript is designed to allow you to use the mobile version of ChatGPT in desktop browsers. This userscript modifies the behavior of the ChatGPT website and enables support for mobile models.


The userscript provides support for mobile models by replacing or adding categories based on the configuration. It includes the following models:

  1. GPT-3.5-M

    • Desktop Model: text-davinci-002-render-sha
    • Mobile Model: text-davinci-002-render-sha-mobile
  2. GPT-4-M

    • Desktop Model: gpt-4
    • Mobile Model: gpt-4-mobile

You can configure the userscript to replace the desktop models with their corresponding mobile models by setting the REPLACE_DESKTOP_MODELS variable to true.


Note: Before installing the "Enable ChatGPT Mobile" userscript, please be aware that the script is solely intended to enable the mobile version of ChatGPT in desktop browsers. While the userscript enhances the functionality of the ChatGPT website, it does not control or guarantee the availability, performance, or specific features of the mobile models implemented by OpenAI.

OpenAI may introduce updates, modifications, or discontinuations to the mobile models or features without prior notice. As a result, the behavior, capabilities, and performance of the mobile models enabled by this userscript may vary and may not meet your specific expectations or requirements.

Please keep in mind that this userscript is an independent implementation designed to enable mobile features. OpenAI is responsible for the original ChatGPT platform, its models, and the overall user experience. Any concerns or feedback regarding the behavior or performance of the mobile models should be directed to OpenAI for further assistance.

By installing and using the "Enable ChatGPT Mobile" userscript, you acknowledge and understand that OpenAI's implementation of mobile models and features is beyond the control of this userscript, and you accept any risks or limitations associated with the functionality provided.

Proceed with the installation of this userscript only if you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.