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SE Preview on hover

Shows preview of the linked questions/answers on hover

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  • The preview is shown while a link to a SE question or SE answer is hovered (the mouse cursor shouldn't move for at least 200ms).
    Also when hovering "# answers" block on the left in question list on SE sites.

  • To disable it press and hold any modifier key like Ctrl, Alt, Shift etc.
    TODO: add an option to reverse the behavior so that the preview is shown only while a modifier is held.

  • The preview can be "pinned" by quickly moving mouse cursor over it.
    TODO: add a pin button and a persistent mode for wide screens with the main page content shifted to the left.

  • Esc key closes the preview if it's focused via clicking or right after it's shown.

  • The preview may be resized by clicking its top border

  • Questions with answers have a shelf on the bottom with links to the answers.
    Clicking such an answer link replaces the preview.
    Clicking the preview title goes back to the question.

  • Inside the preview clicking a link to SE content will replace the preview, such links are underlined.

  • The data is cached internally for at least a minute for today's posts, more for the older ones.
    TODO: add a button to refresh the preview or do it automatically when the title/answer link is clicked.


Still in early development.
Tested in Chrome 55 and Firefox 52.