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Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Block unwanted sites from your Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results. For Firefox+Greasemonkey or Chrome+Tampermonkey. v1.7.8 2016-10-14

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Easily Hide Unwanted Domains in Google Results

Want to filter out some useless, spammy or offensive sites from Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results? Just click "block" to reduce a site's hits to a one-line notation, or hide it completely. No typing required.

For a one-minute video overview, and a detailed description of the script, please see the following page:


Before switching, use the Export feature to make a backup copy of your block list. This script will install alongside the old one, and you will need to disable the old one on the Firefox Add-ons page, User Scripts section, or the Tampermonkey Dashboard. Then you can import your block list to the new script.

System Requirements

Firefox users: Install the Greasemonkey extension from Mozilla Add-ons BEFORE installing this userscript.

Google Chrome users: Install the Tampermonkey extension from the Chrome store BEFORE installing this userscript.

Other Browsers: Due to the way this script monitors for dynamic changes in Google's Instant Prediction results, it is unlikely to work on other Greasemonkey-like extensions.

Disclaimer: Google search is a very complex application, so there is no guarantee that this script will work for you. The author is not responsible for you missing a result you might have liked to see, or other malfunction of the script. Use at your own risk.

Click for downloadable/printable PDF version of this page (as of version 1.6.0).

Questions and Problems

Please use the "Feedback" tab to start a new discussion.


v1.7.8 - fix bugs on Google Image results
v1.7.7 - find real domain in highlight links, restore GHHbD button on Google Image results
v1.7.6 - adjust placement of the block button to avoid overlaying title or WOT icon
v1.7.5 - work around script change on Google images, initial support for web search
v1.7.4 - fix unblocking bug on Google image search
v1.7.3 - adapt to style change on Google image search
v1.7.2 - tweaked style rules for block button in the cite line on Google
v1.7.1 - adapt to layout change for top result in some Google searches
v1.7.0 - support for Bing and Yahoo web search, various fixes for Google Images, GoogleMonkeyR, style rules
v1.6.9 - partially restore blocking on Google Images (perma-ban results are blank, not deleted)
v1.6.8 - override style rule on DuckDuckGo that truncated the block dialog
v1.6.7 - fixed typo affecting the Autopagerize extension (
v1.6.6 - quick fix for changes to Google web results layout of 7/22/2015
v1.6.5 - updated for current Google images layout, remove blank spots in GoogleMonkeyR layout, fix +site/-site
v1.6.4 - recognize URLs after Google modifies them to tracking links
v1.6.3 - changed @include's from .tld to .*, added detection for In-depth articles section of web results
v1.6.2 - fixes for new DuckDuckGo results layout