Greasy Fork is available in English.

Empire Overview

Script for Ikariam 0.7.x, Overview tables for resources, buildings and military inspired by Ikariam Empire Board

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GPL version 3 or any later version;
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It currently works only in Chrome.


1. Choose your language in the settings table, default: own language or English. Select your options and confirm with "Save".
2. Click on your Town Hall and go through each town with that view open
3. Click on Research Advisor and then click on each of the 4 research tabs in the left
4. Click on your Palace
5. Click on your Finance
6. Click on the Troops in town tab on left side and go through each town with that
7. Click on "Show town"

In case of problems please perform a reset in the tab "Settings"

!!! Install at your own risk !!!

Does not work with GM version 2.0 or higher and Firefox


Version: 1.1831GNU license inserted
Version: 1.183Small changes and user requests. Some translations in the building tab still have to be made.
Version: 1.182Fix: Research points are displayed correctly
Fix: Tooltips in the military tab are translated again, Note: translations must be pushed
Fix: keyboard navigation adapted for Chrome
Version: 1.181 added: new Version
Version: up 1.170 to 1.180 Thanks to Ariston for his work on EO
Version: 1.170 Fix: update query now works under Greasy Fork
Fix: max. Action points and max. researchers
Version: 1.169 Fix: EO now works with Chrome
Version: 1.168 Fix: EO now works with FF version 30 or higher. Note! does not work with GM version 2.0
Change: Branch Office adapted to Level 39
Version: 1.167 various translations and changes
Version: 1.1662 small changes
Version: 1.1661 oops, faulty upload, sorry
Version: 1.166 Feature: No piracy, if you have researched piracy is given you the option to disable this. The Pirate Plot is removed.
Bug fix: If you can not build a palace yet, the number of citizens was displayed incorrectly
Version: 1.165 Improvement Greek translation (Thx Panagiotis Papazoglou for Translation, Added option: Hide animated citizens and transport ships in island and city view
Version: 1.164 imported from, fixed: small errors
Version: 1.163 Change: with Shift + 1,2,3,4,5 all tabs (Ress, buildings, Army, Settings and Help) selectable,
Player vs. Player can be hidden with option "Hide events"
Version: 1.162 Improved translation Arabic (Thx Hayato500 for Translation)
Fix: Wine warning can be turned off
Fix: Tooltip (needed resources and time) Museum at level 20 will now be displayed
Version: 1.1613 Fix: Trial version for Arab Server
Version: 1.1612 Fix: for iranian server
Version: 1.1611 oops, correction error Update
Version: 1.161 Added: Dutch language (Thx Edel1965 for Translation)
Version: 1.1601 Trial version for iranian server
Version: 1.160 Fix: Latvian server
Fix: various server display in training units of the time was not displayed correctly on 24h
Changes: Translation language turkish
Version: 1.1592 Fix: Greek servers should work again
Version: 1.1591 improved translations
Version: 1.159 Fix: branch office Level 26, the marble displayed correctly
Fix: translations at date has been improved
Fix: display total income has been improved
Fix: various translations adapted
Added: confirm option automatically daily bonus
Added: Option to disable login window
IkaLogs reactivated
Version: 1.1581 Fix: IkaLogs temporarily disabled
Version: 1.158 Changes: Disable to display of troops and fleet movements to their own cities. The BUG is therefore inactive.
Various updates of languages. Changed display gold.
When a reset or reinstalling now the language of the country is displayed. Not installed languages = default English
Version: 1.157 Fix: thousand separator is also displayed at horly Resources on Non German servers. Key codes updated for city 1-12. Various update of translations.
Added: new settings in Setting Tab
Version: 1.156 Added compressed list of buildings
Version: 1.155 Fix: various corrections of the translation, trial keymap cities 1-12
Version: 1.154 Fix: translations, hotkeys and small errors
Version: 1.153 Fix: in the Army Tab, when pressing on the fleets icons was displayed of the Army sprite
Bugfix: Warserver, Display gold plunder and trade now work correctly
various small bugs, renewed translation
Version: 1.152 Fix: Hotkeys town 1-12 (test version), added: Option Hide Controlcenter, BUG Fix: Warserver non german, plunder gold should be displayed correctly; Resources should be displayed in the correct order in the tooltip building Tab
Version: 1.1513 Fix: "hourly resources" display problem Resource income > 1000
Version: 1.1512 Spartans added, version without player info
Version: 1.1511 Spartans added, version with player info
Version: 1.1502 Player Info activated for private purposes. BUG in Chrome actively
Version: 1.150 Bugfix: War Server - research points, time for building expanding and travel time merchant ships are displayed correctly
Version: 1.149 Changes: trade and plunder gold is now displayed, activated Ambrosia bonuses are displayed in the tooltip
Version: 1.148 Bugfix: new Acc. and not a palace (population, happiness and growth are now displayed correctly), Display problem in Chrome when extension time building
fixed: Fixed various displays in the tooltip
Version: 1.147 Bugfix: Aristocracy and Pirat Fortress
Version: 1.146 added: Turkish language (Thx Tyrant for Translation), corrected issue with use of Enhanced UI and hourly resources
Version: 1.1451 Update reloaded: faulty transmission ago
Version: 1.145 added: Language Portuguese (Thx mosca_fly for Translation) and corrected spanish language (Thx Max783 for Translation)
added: new features in SettingTab (hide news ticker, hide birdswarm, hide events, hide hourly resources and use IkaLog Battle Report Converter)
fixed: bug in BuildingTab, the expansion of the building to max. the expansion time is now displayed
disabled: Player Info - there is a problem with Chrome in the pirate fortress
Version: 1.144 added: Information about players in the island view
Version: 1.143 added: Language Arabian (Thx AbdelKarimCI for Translation) and Language Persian (Thx SHAB_RO for Translation), Info in ResTab "building will be expanded", Display total for expenses of army and war ships in the ArmyTab. Fixed: Time for Black Market
Version: 1.142 added: Language Polish (Thx Komandos for Translation)
Version: 1.141 Bugfix: Black Market
Version: 1.140 change to ikariam.gameforge.
Version: 1.139 Adaptation to War Server, Correction Czech Translation
Version: 1.138 added: Language Czech (Thx Ikariam CZ for Translation)
Version: 1.137 Bugfix: after the last update was no longer possible to move cities
Version: 1.136 added: Language russian (Thx Toxa13 for Translation)
Version: 1.135 Bugfix: "Empire Overview" does not work when there Xenocracy. (Note: Screen not work correctly if the capital is occupied. Xenocracy is not configured properly.)
Version: 1.134 Bugfix: when you go to the tab "world map", which is no longer deleted BuildingTab
Version: 1.133 Romanian translation correction. changed display growth.
Version: 1.132 added: Language romanian (Thx corectsunt for Translation)
Version: 1.131 added: Language french (Thx randalph for Translation)
Version: 1.130 added: simple translation for tooltips, help table and setting table. Languages: English, German, Italian, Greek and Spanish.
Version: 1.129 Changelog / update version 0.5.6, fixed: error icon links, display error in the Help and Settings tab, display error Total Wineconsum
Version: 1.128 fixed: Error on the display growth in total and Amy tab in the absence of barracks and shipyards
Version: 1.127 fixed issues with actions points
Version: 1.126 some bugs fixed, Preparation of new features
Version: 1.125 cost for Barracks corrected
Version: 1.124 Error templetview mine and sawmill resolved
Version: 1.123 added Pirate Fortress
Version: 1.122 ready for Fire Fox 17 or higher
Version: 1.121 elimination of small errors
Version: 1.120 Fix: for Testserver V.