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Produs (Proddable Pardus)

Makes Pardus a little more touch-friendly.

Richard Broker
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Given that the Pardus App for Android now supports user-scripts I spent some time working on making the Pardus interface a little more finger-friendly.

Before you carry on, there are a few things to note:

I've cut a lot of stuff out of the UI to make it work, so if you want those things, don't use this.
This is likely to still be a bit buggy, I don't advise you use it if you rely on your Android app for using Pardus.
I have tested this on my Phone and Transformer Prime.

So what is it?
This is a greasemonkey script that hacks some Pardus html pages to pieces and stitches them back together to make them work a bit better on a mobile phone display. On the Nav, the cargo hold and "other ships" boxes on the right remain visible, but the nav screen gets some icons for extra options attached to it and is pushed to the left to prevent you having to horizontally scroll too much.

Isn't that really slow?
Yes, yes it is. There is a noticeable delay (at least on my phone) every click, where the page is remodelled. I have measured the Nav screen reflow to take around 300ms on my phone (1Ghz CPU, 2010 model), but only around 30ms on my Android tablet with a current generation processor.

So what bits did you cut out?

Harvesting 2x and 5x resources.
Credits display
Movement penalty for current tile.
Sending distress calls.

What do you intend to do?
I want to re-add ship status if I can figure out a tidy way to add them into the UI.

What nav screen sizes do you support?
It should work with all of them, but it might look best on 5 tiles on a phone, especially in landscape view. Tablets obviously look fine with 9 nav tiles at their higher resolution.

Can I see it?

Is it dev-approved?

What is the padlock icon at the top?
Checking cluster protection, if you tap it - you either get a locked padlock (protected) or an unlocked padlock (vulnerable).

How can I install it?
Open your pardus android app, open the menu, select "Scripts", select "Get", hit the menu again, select "", select the "Produs (Proddable Pardus)" script from the web page, install using the big green "Install" button.

When you reload the nav, it should look different.