Greasy Fork is available in English.

GreasyFork Sprachfilter Entferner

Dieses Skript ändert die URL auf GreasyFork, um immer Skripte in allen Sprachen anzuzeigen, es sei denn, der Benutzer wählt manuell eine andere Sprache.

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This UserScript, named GreasyFork Language Filter Remover, is designed to modify the URL on the GreasyFork website. Its primary function is to make sure scripts from all languages are displayed by default, unless a user manually selects to filter by a specific language.

This modification is applied to any search query URLs on the scripts page of GreasyFork.

How it works

When you navigate to a URL of the form*/scripts?q=*, the script checks if the filter_locale parameter is present in the URL. If it's absent, the script will automatically append filter_locale=0 to the URL, refreshing the page to show scripts from all languages.

The script will remember if you manually click on the "Show results only from a specific language" link (which changes depending on the selected language), by storing a flag in the browser's session storage. The script won't add filter_locale=0 to the URL during the current browsing session once that flag is set, allowing you to browse scripts in your chosen language without being redirected.


Just install the script using a userscript manager like Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey, and it'll run automatically on GreasyFork.