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DH3 Compact

The compact look for DH3

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DH3 Compact

A simple and tiny userstyle that will make DH3 a little compact, and look better. I promise you, if you've been playing with the default design since the beginning, it will feel weird to play with this style, but going back to default later will feel worse than pain! You're going to love this!


If you're using Stylish, I'm sorry, but this extension isn't supported when installing userstyles from Greasyfork, but you can install Stylus! Stylus is fully supported, and it also supports customization by the user, as far as the userstyle has any ofc

When e.g. Stylus is installed, you'll be able to click the Install as user style button above, then Stylus will ask you to install it, and you should be able to use the style instantly, even if the game is running in another tab, so you don't have to reload the game!

Additionally, Install this script is possible, but it's untested, so it might or might not work in a different way than installing with Stylus, but it does at least work with Tampermonkey if you don't want Stylus or any similar working extensions.


v1.1.3 - Tiny item boxes!

  • All item boxes have been modified to be way smaller with the text in only 1 line!

v1.1.2 - Friendlist/Ignorelist fix

  • Fixed the friendlist/ignorelist not showing content correctly

v1.1.1 - Navigation bar changes

  • Modified the navbar to finally center the images! Should've done this earlier ... sorry!
  • Fixed the top header line to be displayed over levels, I'm sorry about this as well!

v1.1.0 - Level Styles

  • Redesigned the look of the levels, now it actually looks good!

v1.0.2 - Working update

  • Updated code to work properly

v1.0.1 - Testing

  • Trying to make Stylus detect the website I want this to apply to, which is DH3

v1.0.0 - Initial upload

  • Developed and tested a minor design change