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Stellen Sie die Option so ein, dass E-Mails im eigenständigen Fenster geöffnet werden (gmx /

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Early january 2020 or late december 2019, Gmx made a modification that changed the behavior of the "open email" icon (see screenshot). Now it opens the emails within the gmx webmail interface instead of opening a popup window.
The functionnality is still available, but I could not find an option in the interface to change it. So here is a userscript to do that.

The script adds a checkbox next to the buttons toolbar (see screenshot). When checked the popup behavior is enabled, when unchecked it's the current default. The script remembers your choice.

On the first installation, the option is automatically set to checked.
If the userscript is installed outside of a script manager (Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, Violentmonkey, ...), it uses an alternative method to store the checkbox state. It remembers the state as long as the window/tab is open.

As of July 1st 2020, gmx has removed this function on all versions of its site.
Starting with v0.6 (July 12), the script tries to mimick how the functionality worked. It opens a popup with the email displayed. It does this by duplicating a frame of the site, and hides the nonrelevant elements of the page: the listing, the ads panels, and until they can be used correctly inside the popup, the button bar.
If, when using the popup, you see elements appearing that shouldn't, please post a comment here so I can fix it.
August 4th 2020, again gmx internal working has changed. The popup can't display the message as it did. I have to find another work-around...
August 5th 2020, the new version (0.6.2) revives the popup view.
February 10 2021, fix code to handle minor modification of HTML of the page.

The script has been tested on,,,,,,,

For more userscripts, styles, extensions, tips, ..., visit my programming page.