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Ali Total Price

Shows Total Price on Aliexpress

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Script that shows Total Price on Aliexpress on item pages. Currently not working on search pages.

Tested only with Chrome (tampermonkey). Should work with other browsers, but need testing.
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If aliexpress changed layout for you and "ali total price" stop working, then read this:

Version with VAT for EU users:
currently no need, cuz aliexpress automatically include VAT in item price for your country.

Расеянский военный корабль иди на хуй!

upd 24.11.2019 : Added "One piece(lot) price"
upd 15.12.2019 : Added "1pcs from lot price"
upd 25.02.2020 : v2.0 Fully rewritten script. Now also supports showing total price on Search pages
upd 25.02.2020 : v2.1hf - Hot Fix
upd 27.10.2020 : v2.2 - Some fixes
upd 18.01.2021 : v2.3 - small fix for "wholesale" search pages
upd 19.02.2021 : v2.4 - small fix for "wholesale" search pages
upd 18.03.2021 : v2.5 - fix for new discount element on item pages
upd 24.03.2021 : v2.6 - small fix for discount element
upd 28.04.2021 : v2.7 - another fix for discount element
upd 12.07.2021 : v2.8 - small fix. currently not working on search pages. block of code needs rewriting
upd 28.07.2021 : v2.9 - regexp fixed
upd 14.07.2022 : Fixes. Excluded ru domain.
upd 15.04.2023 : v2.13 - Few changes in element selectors

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