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Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl into various sites, with auto episode tracking.

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Veröffentlicht: 18.02.2020
Bearbeitet: 19.02.2020

What's in the Extension that this script doesn't have?

Hi, I just want to ask what the extension could offer that this script couldn't, because personally I'd rather have a minimal list of extensions that won't contribute to additional slowness or lag. Like is it optimized to avoid that?

Does the extension have the option to turn off those episode pop-ups or confirmations when adding to MAL?

Will I be able to change the order of the Search & Anime websites at the left side of on an Anime's Details on MyAnimeList, to be placed below "Information"?

Or can I do all that with just the script and some editing? I really love this script, it made my Anime experience better. Thank you for this.

Veröffentlicht: 19.02.2020

Some of the extras in extension are:

  • That miniMAL (the small popup with info to the anime/your animelist) lives in the extension popup and because of that it can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Shortcut support for things like skipping 90sec (lenght of a typical epsode intro) und a next episode shortcut

  • Update Check: If the implementation supports it, it can check if there is an new episode for the anime/manga

  • More Stable: Because of limitation of userscript there are some thing that just work more reliable in the extension. But nothing mayor. Mostly things that videoplayer states from other tabs can bleed into the current tab.

Performance could be better too, as the js file sizes are smaller as they dont need to be all in one file.

I run the extension on a pc with 2gb ram and never had any problem and i have like 15+ extensions. Performace hogging extensions atleast in the background are very difficult to achive with webextensions.

If you dont use the update check feature the extnsion only uses ram in the background not more not less. Firefox says 1,5mb chrome 70mb. But chrome caches a lot for performance reasons and are freed up if needed by the system.

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