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This is a fork of Kadauchi's Hit Finder Beta, which will eventually maybe continue to be developed. The major changes to this script from HF Beta is an inclusion of buttons to send HITs directly into Panda Crazy, as well as ongoing updates to better support the new worker website.

To launch, visit after the script is installed

I just want to be clear and set some expectations up front: I am but a humble turker who wanted to keep his workflow going after the change to worker. A good majority of the code here is still Kadauchi's HIT Finder Beta and the stuff that isn't was built upon the foundation he created. I may abandon development/updates to this script at any time. If you're having issues I will attempt to assist, but I don't guarantee any level of support.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS SCRIPT DO NOT CONTACT KADAUCHI. He has moved on to develop MTurk Suite and has nothing to do with the ongoing development of this codebase.