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Amazon Smile Weiterleitung

Leite automatisch von amazon zu weiter und unterstütze gemeinnützige Organisationen

< Rückmeldungen aufAmazon Smile Weiterleitung

Rezension: OK - Skript funktioniert, hat aber Fehler

Veröffentlicht: 18.03.2018
Bearbeitet: 13.10.2018

Other Services of Amazon don't work anymore after installing this script

Other Services of Amazon don't work anymore after installing this script.

Veröffentlicht: 05.04.2018

I refined the include match, can you try the new version?

Veröffentlicht: 13.10.2018
Bearbeitet: 13.10.2018

I think this should work for sites that offer smile. It came to my attention that only .com .de and offer smile, so every other amazon site will generate an error. In addition you don't need to include http:// as amazon switches to https:// itself. To be more efficient you could redirect directly to https and you prevent another redirect initiated by amazon. And your script might run into trouble, as it redirects every URL even if it is generated within a smile site which is possibly needed without smile. It's possible that some functionality will be lost unrecognized. I prevented this in my script by only redirecting top.location.href, so every sub request within the site is done as amazon intended it.

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