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Picviewer CE+

Powerful picture viewing tool online, which can popup/scale/rotate/batch save pictures automatically

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For website, game, and app outsourcing projects, please contact me via email.

Popup/scale/rotate/batch save pictures and load pictures from next pages automatically.

Modify from picviewer CE of ywzhaiqi. Feedback on Github.

Press CTRL+g to enter gallery quickly. Hold CTRL to view larger picture when mouse over images or links.

More settings in "Picviewer CE+ config" to be customized, reviewing them is currently the best way to learn about what the script is capable of. try to seach more functions by yourself !

Mainly for my personal use, not a commercial project, no advertisements, no shopping rebates, no data collection. Just purely for interest, I will not reply if I am lazy or if the feedback disgusts me.


English language by RX-3200.

Português language by AstroCoelestis.

Русский language by RX-3200 & vanja-san.

Turkish language by PUFF1N.

Ukrainian language by MaSHiNiK.

  • Adjust: Scale/rotate/batch save every picture

  • View: Find and popup large version for pictures with click or mouse over

  • Fetch: Auto load and parse next paginated web pages and show ALL pics

  • Download: Pictures export to page or package into ZIP

  • Search: Search similar image by picture

  • View long image by scroll

  • Change webp to png

  • And so on ...

preview preview preview

If you are glad to help me translate Picviewer CE+, edit this file to pull or open issue after modify the defaultLang language. It will help the people who speak the same language just like you. Thank you.

If you wish to add or request a new large image support with more rules for peculiar sites, learn by examples here and pull requests or open issues.

💝Buy me a coffee with Ko-fi or 愛發電 to keep my scripts always up to date.

Custom rules example for config (Open settings and paste into "Custom rules for large image"):

1. This can add large-image rule for dmm to view high-definition original images or download them.

 name: "dmm",
 src: /pics\.dmm\.co\.jp/i,
 r: "ps.jpg",
 s: "pl.jpg"

2. This can add click-to-open for existing asiansister rule. Place it into the '[]' of rule textarea.

 name: "asiansister",

More rules example and props description for rule


Thousands compatible sites for find larger or original images like 500px nyaa

And so on ...