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yet another html5 video tool

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Should I use some proprietary game software for video playback? No!

To make videos available to everyone without the need of the stupid Flash software, this script searches for the URL of a video source. If found, it replaces the HTML body with the built in video player.
Additionally, there is some full screen support and support for videos in multiple parts.

Since some webmaster love to mess with event handler and styles and unwanted additional content, it seems to be a good idea to replace it, even if HTML5 support is already available.

New since version 1.16

  • I cleaned out the list of supported sites a bit. If some site stopped working, please report
  • Mouse auto hiding
  • Resizing at video start for better support of HD content


    video error:
  • try a different mirror
  • retry with userscript turned off. The site should return to its default behavior.
  • try download using the context menu.
    no full screen button:
  • use full screen from the context menu
  • report to me
    strange left mouse button behavior for noscript users (fixed?)
  • press the "H" key once
    other issues:
  • Just tell me. Any input will be appreciated.

Recommended about:config settings (Firefox)
To get rid off the full screen message set full-screen-api.warning.timeout to 0.
To enable full screen over multiple video parts set full-screen-api.allow-trusted-requests-only to false.

keyboard support
Press the "I" key to see which key does what. Note that most modes are not available all the time.

Supported sites
Some sites are only partially supported. (e.g.

To mail me You have to solve a simple riddle first: Remove all the minus signs from
Well, if You are from Russia, that may not be enough. Thanks to some spammer, everything from .ru gets immediately deleted, when it reaches
Of course, you can use the greasyfork forum also.
Please don't hesitate; I would love to hear, if You liked the script or the riddle.