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initial scrolling and a hotkey

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While enjoying web comics, You have to scroll to the interesting part on every single page. Later, You need to grab the mouse and seek for the "next page" button.
This script will make your favorite web comic more enjoyable.
It will do an initial scroll and apply a hot key to the "next page" button.
It will not do any pre-fetching. (This might change in the future.)

To activate choose "configure Cats Webcomic Tool" from the "userscript commands" sub menu of the Greasemonkey menu. Then press "OK" after some tweaking. Further information is available in the controls tool tips.

Note: The hot key is the "cursor right" key and not configurable without editing the script.

If you look for a full featured power script with instant load or full chapter at once you might try Webcomic Reader or Manga Loader first. However, if your comic is not supported you have to ask the script author for help.
My script follows a different approach. For most webcomics you can simply click "OK" after starting the configuration process.

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