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Welcome to Greasy Fork, a site for user scripts.

Hvad er et user script?

User scripts put you in control of your browsing experience. Once installed, they automatically make the sites you visit better by adding features, making them easier to use, or taking out the annoying bits. The user scripts on Greasy Fork were written by other users and posted to share with the world. They're free to install and easy to use.

Step 1: install a user script manager

Tampermonkey on Chrome

To use user scripts you need to first install a user script manager. Which user script manager you can use depends on which browser you use.

Desktop Mobile (Android) Mobile (iOS)

Step 2: install a user script

A user script's install button

Browse this site to find a user script you want to try. Here is a sample of the most popular scripts:

  • Pixiv easy save image - Save pixiv image easily with custom name format and shortcut key.
  • 云课堂|职教云|Icve --网课兼考试助手 (绿版v3) - 职教云学习效率提升助手小脚本,中文化高度可定制参数,自动课件,课件一目十行,保险模式,解除Ctrl+C限制,下载课件,自动四项评论,课堂智能跟帖讨论,支持自动答题(作业,测验,考试),搜题填题,软件定制
  • PKB-MOD - PKB Mod Vanis.Io
  • 虎牙免登陆清晰度 - 虎牙免登陆可控清晰度【自动切最高清晰度】【自 2022-05-12 huya 更新后,全网首发 huya 绕过登录可切换画质清晰度】
  • 网盘直链下载助手(Plus) - 获取网盘文件真实下载地址。现已支持 ✅百度网盘 ✅阿里云盘 ✅天翼云盘 ✅迅雷云盘 ✅夸克网盘 五大网盘,可使用Aria2下载,完美适配 Chrome,Edge,FireFox,360,QQ 等浏览器,可在无法安装客户端的环境下使用,助手免费开源。@Aria2下载:

Once you've found a user script, click the green install button on the user script's page, and your user script manager will ask you to confirm the install.

Step 3: use the user script

Go to the site the user script affects. It should automatically do its thing. After trying out the user script for a while, go back to where you installed the user script and leave some feedback for the user script's author.