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Make Bookmarklets from Javascript URLs

When it sees a link to a userscript or general Javascript URL, adds a Bookmarklet besides it, which you can drag to your toolbar to load the script when you next need it (running outside Greasemonkey of course).

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Posted: 13. 08. 2015
Edited: 13. 08. 2015

link for Static Bookmarklets and [Source] not being generated

Hi! Thanks for making this interesting script.

(Although I haven't yet actually tried any of the Live Bookmarklets,...) The links for the 'Static Bookmarklet' and 'Source' are not being created, at least not on my system...

Firefox     38.1.0esr
Greasemonkey 3.3
NoScript set to ALLOW Scripts Globally
<> whitelisted in adblocker (uBlock)
I thought the Execution Order might make a different, so I execute your script first -- it didn't matter.

In each case, 'Live' and 'Static Bookmarklet' appear linkified, but hovering over 'Static' gives no url status.

[Source] never appears underlined until hover over the text, but even then there's still no url status.

First sample... comes from



Normally, no status would be shown when hovering over the 'Static Bookmarklet' link; but on this 3rd example:

hovering over it, this error comes up--for just a few seconds: XHR failed with status 0 {lower-left corner}


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