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Adds favicons next to Google search results. Also works for Ecosia, StartPage and Searx.

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 03. 02. 2021

Hi Joey!

Thank you for the script! It's very useful. I'm surprised this isn't a default function of Google desktop search.

Unfortunately, the script adds favicons to image search results as well, and that exerts substantial load on the computer. Please disable favicons for the image search page

Posted: 21. 01. 2022

Thanks for the report. Hopefully this is now fixed in version 1.8.2

What's wild is when I select an image, and the right-hand panel opens, Google appears to add a favicon next to the website's link.

Why do they do show favicons on the Google Images page, and not on the Google Search results?!

(For some results they show the favicon for only a moment, and then remove it. I have really no idea what's going on there...)

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