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Adds favicons next to Google search results. Also works for Ecosia, StartPage and Searx.

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 05. 05. 2020
Edited: 15. 05. 2020

PB HTTP Authentication - Use duckduckgo favicon service to provide favicon ?

Maybe should be a good idea for privacy.... Ps: I don't know why but sometime i have popup message asking login pass for some sites when i use Google with your script... TEST link:

If i use this addon i have not this problem: Block HTTP Authentication

Posted: 15. 06. 2020
Edited: 16. 06. 2020

Yes I think that's simply the page requesting the we added, but that particular site asks for authentication for that path.

In the latest version 1.6.0 I have told FaviconizeGoogle to fetch the image data using GM_xmlhttpRequest. New code starts at line 126.

This should be more secure for users. No need to inject third-party icons into the Google page. (And this technique is already compulsory for Ecosia and Startpage, due to their CSP configuration.)


  • TamperMonkey users will need to confirm "Always Allow for All Domains" for this version of the script.

  • Are there any browsers/extensions where this approach does not work?

  • Does it work for all sites and favicon formats? (The current code expects data:application/octet-stream; or data:image/*)

Posted: 15. 06. 2020


Posted: 21. 01. 2022

Using DuckDuckGo's service is a nice idea, but I found that even in 2022, it doesn't provide good results for all websites.

  • For example if I search for "dune movie", the DDG service does not provide a good favicon for (I also tested

  • Another example is "duckduckgo favicon service" and the result for

The existing services (ask the site directly, or ask google) seem to do a better job.

Anyway, in version 1.8.3 I have put DuckDuckGo's favicon service in the list of urlsToTry so you can move it to the top (or delete the others) if you want.

Perhaps one day they will provide 100% coverage of all sites, then I would be happy to switch to DDG as the default.

Posted: 21. 01. 2022

Where is DuckDuckGo's favicon service? I found a URL here. (By the way, I don't really agree with all the complaints being made in that issue. After DDG was pressured to remove that behaviour, now when a user opens their bookmarks, 20 random sites get HTTP requests, instead of just hitting DDG's server. I'm not sure that's better! Although ... that is the default behaviour of my userscript lol.)

Posted: 25. 01. 2022

Seems your last version is broken, or i forget something about your default behaviour...
Revert to v.1.7.0, and it work....
I need to edit something for your last update ?

Posted: 25. 01. 2022

About the DuckDuckGo service:
I don't know if it should be useful for you, but...:

There’s a free, safe service by duckduckgo:

for example:

Find here:
How to get the favicon.ico from any Page [Hack The Planet]

Posted: 27. 01. 2022

Another thing about DuckDuckGo usage:
Switch to duckduckgo favicon service: #919 [Stylus GitHub]

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