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Adds favicons next to Google search results. Also works for Ecosia, StartPage and Searx.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 30. 01. 2022

Your last update (V.183) don't work with the latest Waterfox Classic (v.56.6).
Before it work great.
Can you drop an eye?
Tested on Quantum:

Posted: 02. 02. 2022
Edited: 02. 02. 2022

Oh, that is probably because I was trying to use some modern JavaScript:

Hopefully fixed in version 1.8.4!

If there is still a problem, please try to open the browser's developer console, and look for any interesting error messages.

Posted: 02. 02. 2022

Thanks , that's ok with v.1.8.4!

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