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Reddit - Load 'Continue this thread' inline

Changes 'Continue this thread' links to insert the linked comments into the current page

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08. 10. 2014
13. 10. 2022
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Reddit - Load 'Continue this thread' inline

For "Old" Reddit only!
  • When browsing comment pages on Reddit, this script changes the behaviour of "Continue this thread" links so that when clicked, instead of loading any further child comments in a new page, the comments are loaded in the background and inserted directly into the current page, replacing the clicked link.

  • Comments that show after clicking "Continue this thread" or "Load more comments" are scanned, and any collapsed comment trees are automatically expanded so you can read them straight away.

  • When you open a post any top-level comments that are collapsed into a line e.g. " [+] Foobar (13 comments) " are also expanded straight away.

  • Options are accessible by right-clicking on the page (in Tampermonkey) or through the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey icon (under "User script commands" in GM). This will allow you to choose if you want expand links to be automatically opened when they scroll into view, and whether you want to expand links by simply moving your mouse over the link text, as well as by just clicking the link.


2.3.3 (2022.10.13)
  • Fix bug where clicking on "Continue this thread" after hover loading was triggered would open the comment's page
2.3.1 (2022.06.26)
  • Use GM_webextPref library to support Greasemonkey 4 users
2.3.0 (2022.05.03)
  • Fix centred text in expand links
  • Add configuration for expanding links by moving the mouse over the text "Continue this thread" or "Load more comments"
2.2.1 (2022.05.02)
  • Make expand links a block again so they stretch across whole width
2.2.0 (2022.05.01)
  • Use MonkeyConfig library to provide settings for intersection observer behaviour
  • CHanged styling of expandos and replaced icon with emoji ↘️
2.1.0 (2022.04.17)
  • Use IntersectionObserver to automatically open "Load more comments" when they scroll into view
  • Put above behaviour behind USEINTERSECTIONOBSERVER feature flag
2.0.0 (2022.01.27)
  • Expand non-top level collapsed comments on load
  • Expand collapsed comments inserted from clicking "Load more comments" or "Continue this thread"
  • Script now also runs on posts made to a user's homepage
  • Remove old code handling "Load more comments" links
  • Tidied up old code and updated to use current JS features
1.9.7 (2021.11.05)
  • Use MutationSummary from instead of Greasyfork
1.9.6 (2020.08.08)
  • Reduced size of load more links compared to comment text
  • Fixed script icon
  • Removed some unnecessary code
1.9.5 (2018.07.11)
  • Updated jQuery to v3 and source from
1.9.4 (2018.02.11)
  • Added @icon field in metadata as SVG wasn't displaying on the installed userscript page
1.9.3 (2017.12.03)
  • Changed base-64 encoded PNG icons to an SVG icon
1.9.2 (2017.10.11)
  • Gets correct comment ID for links
  • Changed location in comment HTML to use as its root
  • Get children of first comment when it is already on the page
1.9.1 (2017.10.11)
  • Fix broken $target selector
  • Catch failed loads, log them to the console and then restore original load link
  • Handles "load more comments" links to avoid RES-incompatibility
  • Highlights loaded comments
  • Style tweaks
  • Update to jQuery 2.2.0
  • Removed GM_addStyle and GM_getResourceURL calls and use @grant: none;
  • Changed the expand link to stretch across the width of the comments
  • Hid original .deepthread:after image better
  • Replaced the current + icon, boosted font size
  • Changed to begin at document-end
  • Removed processSummaries utility method
  • Added $(...).spinner() to create spinner animation
  • Updated name and description
  • Added Reddit icon for script
  • Use data URLs for images - faster, no broken links
  • Tested in Firefox/Greasemonkey and Chrome/Tampermonkey
  • Rewritten using ES6 features e.g. template strings
  • Simplified code
  • Added JSHint settings
  • Fixed potential jQuery name pollution
  • Use CSS rules for styling rather than setting via jQuery
  • Updated spinner icon
  • Fixed sub-reddit CSS overriding the size of the expand icon
  • Fixed recursive link conversion when clicking on "Load more comments"
  • Added recursive link conversion
  • Removed sidebar hiding for now
  • First public version.


  • Fix visibility issue with very deep nesting.
  • Auto-load deep threads on page load?
  • User preferences for above.