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New post/issue notification, adds install and ratings history stats, improves table view, list all user scripts in one page, improves library page... [UnSupported]

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01. 10. 2014
02. 02. 2017
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No longer supporting this script as my account has been removed by OUJS Admin

Improves the overall functionality and interface of OpenUserJs.

(If you like OUJS-1 you might also like Citrus GFork for

Browser Support: Since version 1.0.12 (1.0.11 in GF) it supports FireFox, G-Chrome and Opera. Other browsers have not been tested but most likely will work.

Some of the improvements include

  • Improved table view with numbering.
  • All profile scripts listed on one page
  • Script are listed on profile page also, so no need to click on Scripts tab
  • User scripts ordered by type (Script, Library and defunct)
  • Stats history for installs and ratings with sensible time spacing
  • Top install listing
  • Profile table view sort implemented within the script
  • Notification on issues raised on users scripts
  • Notification on the forum
  • Stores logged username so you do not need to be logged in to get script stats and notifications
  • Changed the interface of library scripts
  • Added copy button on library
  • List all author's scripts in profile tab.
  • List all author's scripts in one page
  • Limits size of image in frame on forum and icon size in library page


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