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YouTube - Non-Rounded Design

This script disables YouTube's new rounded corners (reverts back to the previous layout from 2021.)

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26. 10. 2022
19. 07. 2024
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*Note: If you have a browser that lacks JavaScript ES10 engine, you can copy this code and paste it into the uBO filters here. And also, if you have a browsers prior to 2018 and there was a bug in the watch page layout that missing the action buttons, you can install the script to fix the action buttons here.*
uBO filter lists to modify experimental flags for the YouTube NRD script and YouTube - Watch Page Classic

Recommended scripts to install here:
YT - Proper Description [by q1k, which restores back to the pre-2022 watch UI (works the best with RYD addon)]
YT - Anti-Shorts Script [modified by me, which automatically redirects shorts player to the normal one]
Restore Username from Handle to Custom [by CY Fung, which reverts back the traditional custom name on YT (pre-handles)]

Recommended style to install here:
CSS tweaks for YT non-rounded design (by me, which improves most of the CSS if you have the the 'Proper Description' script installed)

And also, you can install the Return YouTube Dislike addon (which works best with the 'Proper Description' script), however it works the best with the extension (recommended), and a userscript.