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Přesměrování soukromí

Přesměrování platforem sociálních médií na jejich titulní stránky šetrné k soukromí

It is recommended to report bugs and issues in the GitHub repository.


How can I disable some redirections?

You have to edit the values of the userscript. Change the REDIRECTION value to false for the redirections you want. You can also disable and add your custom instances. A little familiarity with JavaScript syntax should be enough.

Why doesn't redirect to user pages?

"It's intentional that there is no way to browse content from a user, see popular posts, consume via an RSS feed, or further engage with an article via comments or "claps". I want to spend my time encouraging writers to move to worthy platforms, not making a bad platform worthy." ~ edwardloveall

Why Bibliogram redirection is disabled?

Future of Bibliogram by Cadence Ember

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