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Adds the age and other various info onto IMDB pages.

Thomas Stewart
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25. 06. 2014
28. 12. 2020
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This script adds the age and other various info onto IMDB pages. Specifically it adds some details to actor or actresses pages. It adds their age, their Tropical Zodiac Sign and their Chinese Zodiac Sign. As well as adding how many years ago and how old they were when they made the listed films. It also adds how long a go a film was made on a film page.

This script is not abandoned, email if it breaks.


  • 2.14 fixed icon, improved getNameDates, new style fixes, reformating
  • 2.13 added https urls, removed scriptvals, fixed title pages
  • 2.12 fixed adding ages to individual films and fixed old style
  • 2.11 fixed date grabbing again
  • 2.10 fixed date grabbing
  • 2.9 fixed adding year to title with many years
  • 2.8 old style working, fixed death day for new style, improved year grabbing
  • 2.7 added persistent config, changed namespace
  • 2.6 fixed star signs and added unicode symbols
  • 2.5 fixed imdb updates
  • 2.4 fixed imdb updates
  • 2.3 improved year grabbing
  • 2.2 updated imdb text info, formatting, added ages to individual films
  • 2.1 Major changes, added signs, added config
  • 1.6 Added improvement ideas from Christopher J. Madsen, Added first imdb text files search, Reformatting
  • 1.5 Removed function enclosing while script
  • 1.3 First public version