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Tries to speedup browsing by disabling JS and CSS content animations

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18. 09. 2019
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System/browser settings to reduce motion:

Help page:

Overriding Firefox config: in about:config create new pref: ui.prefersReducedMotion set to 1.

I gave up

Animation is no longer modified to be instant or removed completely - animation curve is modified to instantly jump to the end, but all timers are preserved.

This should reduce side effects listed below.

This script may have side effects:

  • sometimes events attached to animation will not fire. I still work on this from time to time. One of workarounds is to set duration of the animation to very low value (0.001ms) - this have slight effect on performance - your benchmark scores may be bit lower.
  • you may see page jumps when (auto)scrolling. This is (I think) side effect of jQuery animation jumping to the end immediately.
  • dropdown fields selection may jump randomly (flicker)
  • marquee/carousel/slideshow-like animations may scroll very fast using lot of resources (commenting out delays/durations adjustment will help)
  • youtube cinema mode switching may not work (player width will stuck)
  • google login page may stuck on greyed password field
  • endomondo login page may stuck (white page, orange progress on top)
  • map on cannot be resized
  • DuckDuckGo search results may flicker/jump on hover
  • search results may stuck on spinner

Because of this, new js-only version is available now Issues may also been fixed in new Firefox releases (66 looks promising)

This script is developed and used in Firefox, Violentmonkey