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Looking for partnership

Posted: 19. 07. 2022

Hello, I have a YouTube channel (Craftalogicaljr and was wondering if anybody experienced in coding would be interested in a partnership with me, where you would allow me to create video tutorials on your hacks. My old YouTube channel used to take in thousands of views per video, this was all put to an end due to my ex-scripter hacking my YouTube channel along with my Discord server. But I'm back and was wondering if anybody would be interested in letting me make videos on their hacks, my goal is to always make high quality videos so I think you would like them. I'm mostly looking for game hacks (although I'd be fine with different scripts depending on what it is). If you're interested, please let me know, you can reply to me through this thread or through email at, or through my Discord: (best contact method)

Thanks, sincerely Craft.

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