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Spotify hotkeys

Allows hotkeys and media keys to control the Spotify web player from any tab

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Публикуван на: 04.07.2022

Great script.
But do you think you could add arrow keys ← and → for skipping 15 seconds and ↑ and ↓ for increasing / decreasing volume please?
Thank you.

Cesar BernardАвтор
Публикуван на: 04.07.2022

This script works by sending simple button clicks to the Spotify site. So if you click [ctrl]+[alt]+[.] or the Media Key [Next], at Spotify the next-button is clicked. As there are no increase/decrease volume buttons this won't work for that. The skipping would only work for podcasts, where the skip-buttons are shown. [ctrl]+[alt] and arrow keys don't seem to be a good choice as these hotkeys are sometimes used to change screen orientation.

Публикуван на: 06.07.2022

Awesome. Thanks!

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