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Sometimes Wrong Arrow Rendered due to CSS file charset


Screenshot: img


nav .with-submenu>a:after {
    content: " ▾"


nav .with-submenu>a:after {
    content: " â–¾"

Sometimes it may happen. When I opened another tab to load the same page, issue gone. For the same tab, reload would not help as the css file is cached.

I guess it is because the charset of the CSS file.

Suggested Solution

Suggest to change " ▾" to " \25be"

Публикуван на: 25.06.2023
Редактиран на: 25.06.2023

I have the same issue. The symbol is broken sometimes. There was also another weird css issue: on a user page a scripts ratings are shifted to the right, but it's also rare, is also being fixed by refreshing the page, and I couldn't figure out why it's happening so I wasn't bothered reporting it

I made a trial script to help fix the issue. Need time to see the result.

Публикуван на: 04.11.2023

This should be fixed now. It was a missing directive in the nginx config. I believe browsers try to automatically detect/fix issues like this, which may explain why it only happened sometimes.

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