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  • Thank You for reporting this issue, although I cannot consider this a bug. When a video starts loading, this script, started in a frame looks into it and determines with which resolution it was created. Then it notifies You in the upper left corner…
  • Thanks for telling. I never expected it to be useful at Twitter thou.
    in Thanks. gnblizz 評論 June 2018
  • YouTube changed the site. Please be patient until the author catches up.
  • Object.defineProperty(navigator, "userAgent", {value: 'fake browser'});
  • Setting the background works directly at the selected HTML tag only. In a STYLE tag you need to tell the browser that you really mean it: GM_addStyle("#theater-background {background: transparent !important;}");
    in No 480p? gnblizz 評論 May 2017
  • To make GM_addStyle work you need to place// @grant GM_addStyle somewhere in the header section.
    in No 480p? gnblizz 評論 May 2017
  • They changed their captcha again. Its now hosted by sweetcaptcha.com. I disabled the script blocking entirely, writing if(0) before line 21. This works only in Firefox anyway. I wonder: am I the only one, who sees these captcha?
    in recaptcha gnblizz 評論 April 2017
  • The wicked anti ad block system is not (yet) active at the new location. Any generic ad blocker should work fine.
  • Thanks, I'll add // @compatible chrome
// @compatible firefox
  • The script was updated, but without following your recommendation for GM_setValue. I prefer the less persistent sessionStorage. In case of a paranoid user it will work now, but with the loss of some operating comfort in multipart mode.
  • (Quote) Yes, of course. The storage holds just temporary information, mostly for the multipart feature. However, in a new session these values are invalid.(Quote) Thanks for reporting. I provided a default value, but I didn't test against such setti…
  • OK, something to try again: wait it throes now an exception// ==UserScript==
// @name noflash
// @description hides flash for certain sites
// @namespace gnblizz
// @include https://animeflv.net/embed_iza…
  • Thanks for trying. (Reason was jwplayer has a procedure isFlashSupported which works differently if isAndroidNative returns true.) Javascript usually ask for Flash using navigator.plugins['Shockwave Flash'] , but it is write protected and i have to …
  • (Quote) No, because they don't ask. Either the web master provides a fallback for his preferred technology or not. Some time ago, was Flash the only way for videos. Then came HTML5 as a fallback. Nowadays is Flash the fallback at all modern sites. S…
  • I didn't include Jeffersons url because of:(Quote) Would you like try this then ?:// ==UserScript==
// @name disguise
// @description disguise as a mobile
// @namespace gnblizz
// @include https://animefl…
  • I have uninstalled Flash a long time ago, so I didn't test against it. On my system with the the script the plain native HTML5 player was active, instead of the fancy full featured HTML5 player. I think I'll do some more research at the weekend. P.S…
  • // ==UserScript==
// @name disguise
// @description disguise as a mobile
// @namespace gnblizz
// @include https://animeflv.net/embed_izanagi.php*
// @grant none
// @run-at docu…
  • I didn't understand half of the above, but if you wish to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash-player, the easiest way would be disabling Flash.
  • It doesn't work with outdated techniques like Flash. Switch to HTML5 player and consider uninstalling the obsolete Adobe Software.
  • Extensions are allowed to do things, userscripts are not. However, in case of a preview a script should do fine. I do not know this extension, so I cannot tell for sure. Even if I had it, I cannot do the conversion unless it explicitly allows to do …
  • I'm totally confused now. The only thing I can tell for sure: A computer is much easier to understand then a human being. The difference is precision. Please forgive me, but I'm lacking at imagination and see things to much from my personal viewpoin…
  • Maybe, it violates some rules. If I remember correctly, the script must not be obscured or packed, but in a human readable form. By the way: A description would be nice. The user should know what to expect.
  • span>audio[style^=display]+button{
  • Seems to work well on my system. (Linux x86_64)
  • Since you insist, I will comply and make the control visible. Even if its perfect for my purposes. But if you take a look at the page which inspired the script, even you should understand: this would obscure the text and makes no sense for three sec…
  • I don't believe, its a bug of the forum. To clarify things: Its not an icon but a character. Basically, you can insert any Unicode char using its entity(e.g. 🔊) How it will get displayed depends on the browser and the fonts installed at…
  • Thanks for all your efforts, but its enough already. Last night I tried out a free icon editor called mtpaint and it took only minutes until I started to swear. This programs concept is so wrong in so many ways, you cannot even set a single pixel wi…
  • I just noticed: There is no way to cancel a longer sound (beside the speaker symbol at the tab), since the control is hidden. Now I wonder what would be best:* Place a stop button near the mouse pointer * Place a cancel in the context menu of the do…
  • Waaa, I didn't know, there exists a symbol like 🔊. Unicode chars need to be supported by the font in use. Then, when you see 🔊 as a square, the current font doesn't support the whole bunch of possible chars by the sixth version of Unicode, which is …
  • I've made some small sound sample files now. (about 10k each) Do I really have to make data links (base64) or can I place them somewhere at greasyfork?I know, you like to fiddle with styles. You may want to place this in a userstyle:a[href$=".m…