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About: Youtube Link Fix for addons/scripts
已編輯 November 2015 腳本討論 Chrome
Hi, this is a great, very underrated script, but I am having an issue when using it. I've written a bunch of YouTube scripts and this one in particular: YouTube View More Uploader Videos

The script shows a playlist of text links, but when I use it with 'Youtube Link Fix for addons/scripts' it messes up the formatting of the links (perhaps it removes some css classes?).

Here's an image of what happens, left-side is before (normal), right-side is after (running both scripts):

Would you know what to change in your script to make it work so that the formatting of the links isn't effected? This is the one problem preventing me from including it in my 6 YouTube scripts.

One slight bit of feedback, I think your script would get more attention if it mentioned 'spf.js' in the title.
I was curious about something... I tried running a script with just $("a").removeClass("spf-link");... it seemed to produce the same results on YouTube, am I missing something?



  • Well, I found what might be an answer:
    The pages it opens don't seem to run spf.js, so it all works out.

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