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Is it by any chance possible you could remove the watch later button and make the video time visible at all times even on hover.
In addition can you show the highest quality of a video (360p,480p,etc) on the thumbnail on hover in let's say the upper left corner.


  • Hi, q1k, sorry but I am not interested in adding those features for now.
  • q1kq1k
    已編輯 August 2015 Firefox
    I just thought it would be a nice feature.

    btw, i just did that with a simple css style.
    .related-list-item .video-time, .contains-addto .video-time { display: inline-block !important; right: 2px !important; } .addto-watch-later-button-success, .addto-watch-later-button { display: none !important; }
  • I understand, but I want to keep YT+ as light as possible so I will only be adding features that I find to be useful or worth adding.

    Thank you for sharing your CSS solution here, it will be helpful to others that might be looking for the same modification.
  • well that's half of what i requested, the other thing i don't know how to make.
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