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About: Popup Blocker Script

If you are going to use this "Popup Blocker Script", be sure to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which essentially allows the script to send any and all information to a secretive corporation. The Greasy Fork description does not mention this at all which, in my opinion, is deceptive.

What does this script send? It's 14000 lines long, so it's hard to say, but the Privacy Policy is clear that they have the right to everything: your passwords, your email, your credit card information,... anything that goes through your browser is fair game. And, since it's a userscript, it gets that data before it is ever encrypted.

So, if you want to use this script, go ahead, but be sure you know what you're giving up in exchange.

Finally, I'd also recommend you know with whom you are dealing. Is it someone you trust? The Terms of Service claims you are dealing with "BZO Technologies Group", but (as you'll find out if you try to look them up), that's just a shell corporation, located in a Delaware mailbox with hundreds of other "corporations". Who is actually behind the shell is anyone's guess.


  • Sogou Explorer


  • Okay, so I looked at the code and guess what? It does not send much. It only sends the version and the browser type.

    It sends them to here: popupblockerscript.com

  • If you are too scary about your "Privacy " you can go to tampermonkey and setting this script like that, enjoy they never touch your "Privacy" again ;)

  • @Snie why did you put the word privacy in quotes? privacy is serious business, it can cost your life!

  • 已編輯 May 2018 Firefox

    Yeah, I suspected this from the start, specially when it's promoted script. Also, most ridiculous thing is that both terms and privacy policies are fucking images. You can't CTRL+F anything suspicious, this most likely is on purpose for that reason.

    Promoted script aspect puts Greasefork in really bad light.

    If you want more trustworthy userscript alternative, check Adguard's Popup Blocker.

  • thank you

  • @krisu thank you

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