Y+ slows page loading

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I tested on different videos. With Y+ on it takes about 1.5 seconds more (~ 3.3 vs 4.8) to be able to start video.
I tried to turn off all settings in Y+ - same result.
Any chance to repair this?


  • Page loading is not the same as being able to start the video and at this point it is not something that can be improved with the exception of disabling the userscript, which is already big itself as you can see.
    It requires hooks and initialization procedures that might affect times, but it shouldn't be noticeable.
  • I found that delay is not strait connected with script. It's a matter of order who handles "autoplay off" - Magic Actions or Y+. So i just turn ON "Autoplay videos" in Y+. So Magic Actions implementaion of "autoplay off" was used, which interface is a bit faster.
  • You should not mix YT+ with Magic Actions or similar extensions because it can cause serious conflicts since they both change similar core code. Especially in the case of Magic Actions, it changes the entire player to an embedded version which YT+ is not expecting to exist, which is why normal operation is not happening.

    At this point this is no longer an issue with YT+ and I strongly advise against using both at the same time, use either one or another because they weren't built to work together.
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