I have a better version! but I would like you to review it!

About: Bitcomine
Hello Friend!
I have a better version for BitcoFarm, Bitcomine and Ethero ...
I tell you it's better for the following: Reasons
- You do not need Focus on the page
- Works in the background
- Do not open a new tab, but open the ad in the same tab!

I would like you to review it!
I do not program, but I would like to know if you could make it similar for the following pages:
- HoneyBTC
- NeoBux
- Scarlet-clicks ....

I also have a very good script for Freebitco.in
but it does not solve the captcha!
maybe you could improve it to solve the captcha with 2capcha ...

that would be a great success!

My email is epenibot@gmail.com


  • Hey epenibot,
    I probably know the better script, but I only publish scripts that I wrote. I also use these scripts and have improved them a bit. But I am not the owner.
    It would be nice to have support, because it could be a big project...
  • Hey friend,
    I can help you try the scripts, and look for more pages where they work! I have taken several of your scripts and modified them to work in other businesses!
    Of course we could do a good project!
    Do we get to work?